rent revenge by a woman

Double standards allow people to justify their actions towards other people. Due to double standards, a person may believe that they are entitled and when others act the same way towards them, this person becomes upset and offended.

If you do something bad to others, it will backfire, because karma is such a special thing. Sometimes it backfires from the people you once offended.

It happened with the sister-in-law’s post in the AITA community, which gained more than 27.4k upvotes. People talk a lot about karma, the psychological “boomerang principle” and the cost of the rent.


The Original Poster’s house was struck by lightning and burned to the ground.

She could not afford to do anything else towards her own SIL, so she was sure that she was being petty. Two years ago, the house where OP lived with her husband and three children was destroyed by a lightning strike.

The kids were at school and the couple was at work. It took almost 11 months for the insurance to payout, and the family had to look for a new place to live.



The family only had one choice and that was to move into her sister-in-law’s house.

The only other option was to move into her sister-in-law’s house. The owner gave her relatives one of the rooms and office space and demanded a fee of $100 per week to use it. OP and her family had to pay $250 a week for only one room after three weeks. Does it make sense to say that the relatives had to buy food for themselves?



A group of people had to huddle in a small room.

The room in which the five members of the OP’s family had to huddle was so small that even a twin bed couldn’t fit in there, so they all slept on the floor. The SIL did not pay anything except for land tax, electricity, and heating, even though she claimed the children on her food stamps. These were the worst eight months of the author’s life.



The OP’s grandma transferred the deed of her country house to her.

Three months ago, OP’s grandmother decided to go into assisted living after an unfortunate fall and formalized ownership of her five-bedroom country house to her granddaughter. Two more bedrooms remained free after the sons decided to share a room.



The SIL lost her house because she didn’t pay her land tax for a long time.

The most interesting part happened later. The SIL and her stepdaughter lost their house because they didn’t pay their land tax regularly. That is correct, to the OP!

One of the spare bedrooms will be yours if you pay $800 a month. They will have to buy their own food because her daughter is vegan. The SIL was angry and said that she was not going to share a room with anyone when another bedroom was free and that the OP was acting in a really inappropriate way.



The people online decided the OP was not to blame for anything because she was childish.

Most of the relatives accused the OP of being childish when the SIL decided to leave. It turns out that most commenters on the internet believe that the OP did everything right and that her sister-in-law was not nice. Somebody conceded that toward the start of the post, they were prepared to fault the OP, yet subsequent to perusing the entire post, they were persuaded she was not to fault for anything.


Some people think that the OP is being childish but her behavior is justified. People notice the double standards from the SIL. I love the smell of karma in the morning.



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