NFL Patriots vs Dolphins Antonio Brown Deal

Antonio Brown was the face of every NFL headlines with a series of events which lead him to finally joining the New England Patriots. Oakland Raiders were so much pissed of by Brown that they finally have to release him.

It took him no time to sign a new deal with the Patriots and the Raiders coach Jon Gruden feels insulted by his behavior.

Whatever the circumstances were, Brown is finally in the New England team and it has just made them stronger. The Patriots were looking weak since the retirement of Rob Gronkowski and Randy Moss and they needed another star player. With Brown joining the Raiders, Patriots vs Dolphins can easily become a one-sided match with the Patriots winning the game.

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady Super-Duo

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown Duo

Tom Brady of New England Patriots is still one of the best quarterbacks in NFL despite being 42 years old. It doesn’t mean he still has the same stamina or running ability and hence he needs a strong supportive running back. Antonio Brown is the exact weapon which the veteran Brady wants and the duo can put up solid numbers for their team.

Back in the day, Randy Moss and Brady were enough to annihilate any teams defense and we hope for the same in the future now. Brown and Brady pairing up has raised the Patriots offensive sides to a new level enough to dominate Patriots vs. Dolphins game.

Patriots vs Dolphins: Betting Odds and Predictions

Patriots vs Dolphins Prediction

New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins are totally on the opposite side of the NFL spectrum. While the Patriots defeated the Steelers by 33-3, the Dolphins lost 59-10 to the Ravens. It just doesn’t end here as the entire roster of the Dolphins is planning to leave the team soon.

For the Week 2 match of Patriots vs Dolphins, the New England team are 16-point favorites against the Miami side. It may be one of the biggest point spread and since Antonio Brown may play in the game, the difference might be bigger. Patriots would have won easily and the addition of Brown only seals it tight.