It’s all laughs and games up until the point that you have one or more children of your own.

Every parent has felt the wrath of their children at some point or another. Even the most well-behaved children will occasionally engage in pranks on their parents. If you’ve never done anything to make your parents’ lives difficult, can we even call you a kid? There are some children who are more challenging to raise than others. They will always find a way to surprise you with their unexpected antics, no matter how much you try to teach them things, train them, or instruct them. You did make the decision to become parents of those adorable little babies, and it’s okay if they are giving you a hard time because you made that decision.

We are grateful to all of these parents who are doing an excellent job of parenting their children, even if their children occasionally escape their control and cannot understand what is going on. It is okay to be a less-than-perfect parent at times, and kids should understand the same thing about themselves. They would rather waste time, disobey you, misbehave with you, and do whatever they please than listen to what you have to say.

If you’re having a bad day because your boss is upset with you, you forgot where you put the car keys, or a bird pooped on your new dress, you shouldn’t let it get you down. We regret to inform you that the answer is “No.” You are not having a bad day; in fact, there are people who are having a day that is even worse than you are, and we call these people “parents.” We have compiled a list of parents having a terrible day due to the mischief their children have gotten into, and we are confident that it will make you laugh out loud.

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It’s okay to feel sad every once in a while.


Warning: You should never take your children with you into the restroom.


Children are naive and trusting.


It’s her baby goat; give it back to her.


It seems as though she was attempting to provide childcare for her in your absence.


Our kids gave our doggo this amazing-looking haircut, and it was all their doing.


Shall I blow it a bit for Papa?


The kid wished to do some online shopping.


Pondering the question, “How did he get there?”


The mother was convinced there was a ghost baby in the crib with her child, but it turned out to be the mattress sticker.


I can’t hear you, dad.


A child of 10 years old demonstrating his superpowers.


A bit louder for the people in the back.


Poor fella.


What they did to themselves the night before is beyond comprehension.


When you are feeling enraged.


When you devote your entire day to building a walkway, but you have a one-year-old child waiting for you at home.


She recently made a new companion.


Oh, so grandma has taken up residence in the drywall.


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While demonstrating to his younger brother how he had managed to swallow the sim card key, this kid accidentally swallowed a penny.


”There was a friggin gecko hiding in my son’s toy spider’s ass!”


This is what happens when there are children living in the house.


He was interested in obtaining a picture of George Washington.


Who did this?


Simply put, she was interested in observing the “white water.”


Children are naturally inquisitive and enjoy expanding their horizons through new experiences. They want to feel things in order to get a better understanding of what they are. The same thing happened to this little girl when she was a baby and she thought the liquid in the bucket was white water. She thought she could swim in the bucket, so she jumped in. We have no doubt that her parents had a difficult time getting the paint off of her. I can’t remember a time in my childhood when I didn’t end up in a drainage ditch and looking back, I realize that’s probably why my mother was always so mad at me when I did it. Keep scrolling to find out what other frustrated parents are going through as a result of their misbehaving children.


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What? A screwdriver?


Never put your faith in a toddler.


How much worse could it get?


Because he couldn’t contain his excitement at finally seeing his father, he ran straight into the glass panel.


Children enjoy putting their fingers in holes.

Kids are nimble and dexterous in a variety of ways, from messing up the house with food to tinkering with electronic devices. They aren’t afraid to try new things, even if it means crying or making their parents cry in the process. Whether you were the child or the parent, you probably have a lot of drama, entertainment, and failures from your childhood that you will never forget. A trip down memory lane can be had by looking at these hilarious and virtuous pictures of children making their parents’ lives a living hell.

I can remember how my siblings once painted my hair with black paint; how I once cut my hair; and how my cousins and I once ruined a neighbor’s wall with our pitiful drawings and got reprimanded for it. All of these events are etched in my memory. Have you been able to recall a similar event from your childhood as a result of looking at these photos? Do share it with us in the comments section below if the answer is yes. We are very interested in hearing about all of the mischievous things you did when you were younger.