King Charles’s reputation is being guarded against an ‘exploitative’ Netflix dramatization of his contentious marriage and divorce with Princess Diana, as well as his affair with Queen Consort Camilla, in the fifth season of The Crown.

The newest season of the well-known royal drama, which will premiere on November 9, will center on the separation of the Prince and Princess of Wales at the time.

Princess Diana, played by Elizabeth Debicki, and Prince Charles, played by Dominic West, were seen getting ready for television interviews about their relationship in a trailer for The Crown that was released over the weekend.

Two months into King Charles’s reign, the show will be released, and Buckingham Palace is getting ready to defend the reputation of the young king. A senior royal source emphasized that the show is a “drama, not a documentary.”

A close friend of the King claimed that the show would be labeled as “exploitative” by global streaming giant Netflix, which has “no qualms about mangling people’s reputations.”

‘What people forget is that there are real human beings and real lives at the heart of this,’ they told The Telegraph.

In the most recent video, a reporter refers to the royal couple’s actions as “all out war” as their marriage frayed.

The season has not been delayed in the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, nor has its plot been altered in light of this month’s events.

The fifth season will cover the 1990s, including incidents from 1992, the late monarch’s “annus horribilis” (horrible year), when Princess Royal filed for divorce from Mark Phillips and a portion of Windsor Castle burned down.

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Sir John Major will take office as Prime Minister at the outset, and Tony Blair will take office at the end. Prince Charles confessed to Jonathan Dimbleby that he had an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles at the time.

In addition, Martin Bashir interviewed Princess Diana for Panorama, which has had long-lasting repercussions.

Not until the sixth and final series will Princess Diana’s 1997 passing be discussed.

Royal aides think that now that Charles is King, the couple will be better able to refute how The Crown portrays them.

The Telegraph quoted a source as saying that because of the royal couple’s increased notoriety as King and Queen Consort, people will have “more of an opportunity to compare the real people with the fiction they see in The Crown.”

‘In the past they didn’t get so much coverage, so in that sense it was harder for people to be able to compare and contrast the drama with the reality,’ they added.

A new trailer for The Crown’s upcoming fifth season was released on Saturday, teasing fans who are eagerly awaiting its return.

The brief 37-second clip depicted when the public learned of the marriage’s dramatic breakdown between Diana and Charles and the ensuing family drama, which all took place in front of the biggest cameras.

The following episode, which will debut on Netflix on November 9 and feature Imelda Staunton playing Queen Elizabeth II for the first time, was also made public.

The start of the video is a spooky voiceover reading: ‘Buckingham Palace is issuing this statement: It is with regret that the Prince and Princess of Wales are separating’.

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Then, in the distance, a news report can be heard saying: ‘There’s uproar in Britain after Prince Charles bared his soul to the nation but the Princess of Wales upstaged her husband speaking about her marriage, her life and her future.’

Then, in the background, a flurry of reports are heard that combine to form the phrase: ‘This is becoming all-out war’ as the screen shows the pair getting ready to do news interviews.

Diana is stylish in a green jacket and skirt, and Charles is dressed in a dark suit as he sits on a chair and fidgets uncomfortably.

The last black screen then appears and displays: ‘The Crown: November 9.’

At the Tudum: A Netflix Global Fan Event, which was broadcast on the streamer’s YouTube channels, Netflix announced the release date.

The Queen Consort, unlike her husband, is a fan of The Crown, and earlier this year she invited Emerald Fennell, who plays her on the show, to a celebration of International Women’s Day at Clarence House.

Following the passing of the Queen, 17.6 million hours of the television program were watched, propelling it into the top 10 on Netflix.

Following the late monarch’s passing, filming was halted for a day, and cameras were also turned off on the day of the Queen’s funeral.

Olivia Coleman and Claire Foy will be replaced as the Queen in series five by Imelda Staunton. Lesley Manville, 64, will portray Princess Margaret, and Jonathan Pryce, 73, will play Prince Philip.

Tom Byrne, who played the Queen’s second son in series four, will be replaced by James Murray in the role of Prince Andrew.

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The Emmy Award-winning program’s sixth and final season will focus on Princess Diana’s passing.

The fourth season, which started streaming in November of last year, chronicled the courtship of Charles and Diana.

Elizabeth Debicki will replace Emma Corrin as Diana for the fifth and sixth series, which will cover Diana’s passing in 1997, it was announced last year.

Regarding her casting last year, the actress stated: ‘Princess Diana’s spirit, her words and her actions live in the hearts of so many. It is my privilege and honour to be joining this masterful series, which has had me absolutely hooked from episode one.’

Khalid Abdalla, a British actor who appeared in The Kite Runner in 2007, has been cast in the role of Dodi Fayed, who is anticipated to play a significant role in the upcoming season of The Crown.

The Royal Family’s history from the 1990s to 2003 will be covered in The Crown’s final two seasons, but it is unknown which specific events will be shown.

There are a number of moving moments that could be used, such as the Queen’s 1992 speech marking the 40th anniversary of her coronation, in which she referred to the year as an “annus horriblis.”

The deaths of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother, as well as the Windsor Castle fire, were other noteworthy incidents that occurred during that time.