Pacquiao vs Thurman: What Do The Experts Have to Say?

    pacquiao vs thurman boxing match

    Pacquiao vs Thurman, where Manny Pacquiao, a legend in the world of boxing will face off against Keith Thurman, who is among the hottest names today, is all set to be one of the most exciting boxing bouts of 2019. The match has been officially announced for July 20th, 2019 and fans around the world just can’t wait! Press tours for the match have now begun and the two will box in less than two months from now.


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    Let us take a closer look at what the experts have to say about this match.

    Pacquiao vs Thurman: What Do The Experts Say

    A number of boxing experts, including the likes of Justin Fortune, have commented that Manny Pacquiao has indeed got all that it takes to take Thurman to the edge. However, whether or not The Pacman will be able to beat Thurman is still uncertain and can’t be predicted till the bell rings one last time on the 20th of July.

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    While experts say that Pacquiao will “have Thurman run” like the others he has faced in the past, Thurman continues to be an odds-on favorite. Given his unbeaten track record and a 10 year age advantage, Keith Thurman might just be the victor here.

    Thurman’s Age vs Pacquiao’s Experience

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    This is basically what the Pacquiao vs Thurman match boils down to: 40-year old Pacquiao vs 30-year old Thurman – the experience of Pacquiao vs the youth of Thurman. Will Keith Thurman be too agile for an aging Pacquiao? or will the wily veteran be able to outperform the young star! We’ll find out soon enough.

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