Pacquiao vs Thurman: The Pacman begins training, will he hand Thurman his first loss?

    Pacquiao vs Thurman Match

    Pacquiao vs Thurman is all set to be the next big match for Manny Pacquiao. After talks between a Pacquiao vs Mayweather rematch fell through, his eyes are now on the undefeated Keith Thurman, who is all set to be his next challenger. Reportedly, the Pacman has begun training to face his next big opponent.

    Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman

    Image: MGM Grand – MGM Resorts

    Let us take a closer look at Pacquiao’s next major boxing match and how is he preparing for that:

    Pacquiao vs Thurman: The Pacman Cometh!

    Manny Pacquiao is, without the shadow of a doubt, a legend in the world of boxing. Having faced Floyd ‘the money’ Mayweather in an epic bout for the generations in 2015, Pacquiao has since become a senator in The Philippines but continues to box every now and then.

    Pacquiao vs Thurman Boxing

    Image: Premier Boxing Champions

    Thurman is ten years younger to Manny Pacquiao and has an impressive win-loss record. He has been involved in 30 boxing matches, with 29 wins and 1 no contest. Will Pacquiao finally be the one to hand Thurman his first loss or will youth conquer experience?

    With Pacquiao vs Thurman, a Mayweather Rematch Dream Gets Crushed

    Pacquiao vs Mayweather Cancelled

    Image: The Sports Fan Journal

    Discussions about the possibility of a Pacquiao vs Mayweather rematch were in the air till as recently as this month. However, now that the Pacman is certain to face Thurman, it looks like there no longer is any scope for his rumoured rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

    Given that Mayweather, too, has moved on to entrepreneurial ventures and that both the legends are ageing, it is unlikely that we will get to see a rematch between the two ever again!

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