Pacquiao vs Thurman Odds

Pacquiao vs Thurman is among the biggest boxing matches of this decade! While it does not have the glamour that the Mayweather vs McGregor or Mayweather vs Pacquiao carried with it, it carries a compelling story which is enough to turn most heads towards it. What is interesting here is that the odds keep shifting!

Pacquiao vs Thurman Boxing

Let us take a closer look at the odds in Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman and see who is expected to emerge victoriously.

Pacquiao vs Thurman: Who Do The Odds Support?

The betting odds in this match have shifted from one to the other. Initially, it was Keith Thurman who was expected to win the match. However, the odds have since moved towards the veteran Manny Pacquiao!

Pacquiao vs Thurman 20 July

While the Pac Man had entered the match as an underdog, betting odds now hint that he might just pull off a win over the undefeated Keith Thurman.

Thurman Claims He Will Win The Match

Thurman has been claiming that he will win the match – and that too in just two rounds! He has even placed a $10,000 bet on himself to win this match by knocking the Pac Man out. Pacquiao vs Thurman continues to get intense as 20th of July draws closer.

Pacquiao vs Thurman Winning Odds
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Furthermore, what this Pacquiao vs Thurman match really is, is a fight between an ageing veteran who has experience by his side vs a younger undefeated star who has age and agility as his advantage.