Pacquiao vs Thurman Boxing Match

With less than a month to go for the Pacquiao vs Thurman fight, both the men look eager to face each other in the ring. The fight is all set to take place on the 20th of July at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and has millions of fans around the world, anticipating the result in excitement.

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Keith Thurman has consistently maintained the stance that he is the better of the two and continues to talk about it. Let us take a closer look at the two and see who is likely to win the match.

Pacquiao vs Thurman
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‘I am in My Prime,’ Claims Keith Thurman

The main battle between Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman is that of age vs experience. While Thurman is younger and more agile, the Pac Man is older but more experienced. Dissing his opponent about his age, Thurman said that Manny Pacquiao is past his prime.

Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman
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He even made comments such as those of wanting to ‘crucify’ Thurman. This is a comment which deeply upset the Pac Man and has made him angrier than ever before!

Who Will Win Pacquiao vs Thurman?

Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman
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The odds in this fight keep shifting from one person to another – but who will win the fight? Only time can tell. Initially, Thurman was considered an overwhelming favourite but the momentum seems to be tipping in Manny Pacquiao’s favour over the months. It will be interesting to see who finally wins this match between Pacquiao vs Thurman! Stay tuned with us for more on this.