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Pacquiao vs Thurman is getting intense. Like less than a week remains for their bout, which is expected to be the biggest boxing event of 2019, both the men seem to be confident of a win. Thurman even went ahead to say that defeating Manny Pacquiao would mean a shortcut to the boxing hall of fame for him. He also added that he would go into ‘the hall’ as ‘the man who retired Manny Pacquiao’.

Pacquiao vs Thurman boxing match
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Thurman has been taunting Pacquiao by stating that he will retire him. This has been his claim ever since the match was announced between the two. Pacquiao, on the other hand, has said that he will show Thurman ‘how a forty-year-old box like.’

Will A Loss Really Mean Retirement for Manny?

Given that the Pac Man is in his forties now, and that he has been a sporadic boxer – spending most of his time as a Senator in The Philippines now, a loss against the undefeated Keith Thurman could very well result in retirement for Pacquiao.

Pacquiao vs Thurman result winner betting odds
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Up until now, the only motivation that the Pac Man had to hang around was a potential rematch against his greatest foe in the ring – Floyd ‘The Money’ Mayweather. However, Mayweather’s recent ankle injury in a charity basketball game has since led many to believe that win or loss doesn’t really matter and that Pacquiao vs Thurman will indeed be the Pac Man’s final bout.

Pacquiao vs Thurman: Who is Expected to Win?

Pacquiao vs Thurman
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Per the betting odds, Keith Thurman is a heavy favourite to defeat Manny Pacquiao. However, betting odds have been wrong multiple times in the past and there is no way one can certainly say as to who is going to win. However, heading into the match, Keith Thurman does look like a strong contender.

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