Pacquiao vs Thurman 2 Rematch

Pacquaio vs Thurman was not just the biggest boxing match in July, but perhaps all of 2019. The two went at it like only they could and managed to create quite a spectacle. The Pac Man emerged the winner of this fight – and right after the fight ended, camp Thurman started suggesting that there might just be a rematch.

Pacquiao vs Thurman 2 Rematch Boxing
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However, as of this writing, the two sides haven’t come to an agreement – but it is almost confirmed that there WILL be a rematch sooner or later! Let us take a closer look at this rivalry and see who will win if there is a rematch between the two.

Pacquiao vs Thurman II Confirmed – Date Yet to be Decided

The two seem to have reached an unofficial agreement but it will be made public once the date and venue are decided. We do not expect this rematch to take place anytime this year, but in 2020 instead. This Pacquiao vs Thurman II match would be the biggest boxing match of the year! It is also expected to be after the first quarter of 2020 because Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury 2 is scheduled for then!

Pacquiao vs Thurman II
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It will be interesting to see these two lock horns once again – especially now that they know each other so much better!

Will Pacquiao Lose The Thurman Rematch?

Pacquiao vs Thurman 2
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However, when they meet this time, this is going to be a huge advantage for Keith Thurman, who now knows how Manny Pacquiao fights. The Pacquiao vs Thurman II match might not go in the favor of the Filipino legend! Stay tuned with us for more on this.