Pacquiao vs Thurman 2 Boxing Rematch

Pacquiao vs Thurman was quite a shocker! Manny Pacquiao is a veteran in the world of boxing and a name you’d believe is going to outperform almost anyone who faces him. However, given his age, many wondered if he would be able to survive the Thurman Threat. However, he did, and how! Many in the boxing world now want a rematch between the two.

Pacquiao vs Thurman II Boxing
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However, you don’t always get what you want. It looks like this rematch between the two might just not happen at all!

Pacquiao vs Thurman Rematch Cancelled?

Manny Pacquiao has pointed it out a number of times in the past that he is not interested in a rematch with Keith Thurman. While his opponent has tried to rile him up with his speech and statements, it appears unlikely that Pacquiao will grant this rematch to Thurman.

Pacquiao vs Thurman Rematch
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It seems that the Filipino legend doesn’t want to continue this rivalry because the end to the match was fair and he won by a split decision and not by a draw or a controversial finish. He now has his eyes on bigger and better opponents…perhaps one from his past.

What’s Next for Pacquiao?

Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman 2 Rematch
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Pacquiao and his team have been trying to arrange a rematch with Floyd ‘the money’ Mayweather. However, it seems that The Money has been showing complete disinterest in returning to action once again. Pacquiao is also getting challenges from the likes of Amir Khan. However, it will also be unwise to rule out the complete possibility of a Pacquiao vs Thurman rematch! Stay tuned for more updates.