Pacquiao vs Thurman was quite a match! Thurman had his high points while Pacquiao had his. In the end, the split decision went in favor of the Filipino legend and everyone went home happy! However, following the Pac Man’s victory at the match, it seems that Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan might just be Pacquiao’s next match.

Pacquiao vs Amir Khan
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Amir Khan had been rallying for a match against Pacquiao for a really long time and had even wanted to ‘retire’ him. Following Pacquiao’s win against Thurman, it appears that this match might just happen.

Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan Happening Next?

Pacquiao is seen as a far more revered and ‘legendary’ figure when compared to Amir Khan. However, Khan, too, has been around for a really long time and has won several accolades in the world of boxing. While there is no confirmation as of now, Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan might just happen sometime around the end of the year if the Pac Man gets no other (or better) opponent meanwhile.

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Pacquiao vs Amir Khan Boxing
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Pacquiao vs Thurman II, Pacquiao vs Mayweather II and Pacquiao vs McGregor are also some fights which are being rumored of late – but only the Thurman rematch seems like something that might actually happen.

Is This Pacquiao’s Retirement Match?

Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan
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Is there more gas left in the tank? The Pac Man has been going around since the 90s and has been a pro-boxer since he was 16. He is over 40 now but continues to dance with the best of the modern-day boxers, as was evident in Pacquiao vs Thurman. It will be interesting to see if Pacquiao manages to win the Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan bout as well. However, this is unlikely to be his retirement match.