Manny Pacquiao vs Keith Thurman

Taking place in a few weeks from now, Pacquiao vs Thurman is all set to be the biggest boxing event of 2019. The match features two of the biggest names in the world of boxing and is expected to be a show-stealer – perhaps even the swansong match for the Pac Man. Boxing trainer Freddie Roach has made a rather sexist comment, albeit supporting Pacquiao, stating that Keith Thurman ‘hits like a girl’. Let us take a closer look at this:

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Pacquiao vs Thurman

Freddie Roach Weighs-In: Thurman “Hits Like a Girl”

Commenting in the support of Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach recently said that Keith Thurman hits like a girl. While his statement has been hailed as ‘sexist’ by many in the community, this is a direct pot-shot at the undefeated Thurman, who has been dissing the Pac Man for quite some time now.

Pacquiao vs Thurman match

Roach, who is helping Pacquiao prepare for the Pacquiao vs Thurman bout, said that the Filipino star has been practicing well and is confident that he will be able to beat Thurman. In the past, Thurman had taunted Pacquiao over his age to which Pacquiao had responded “I’ll show him how a forty-year-old boxes like”

Who is Expected to Win The Pacquiao vs Thurman Boxing Match?

Pacquiao vs Thurman 2019
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As of this writing, purely from a betting odds perspective, it appears that Thurman is in the lead. However, the match between Pacquiao vs Thurman is more about experience vs youth as the veteran Pacquiao is 10 years older than the unstoppable Thurman! It will be interesting to see who wins this boxing match.