Cats are among the most popular animals to keep as pets in almost every country on Earth. They are cute pets that walk around the house on four legs and act like they are candy when they are with their owners.


Cats also have a dry sense of humor that sometimes comes close to being sarcastic.

But, like any other pet, cats can sometimes be a real pain. They are bad in more than one way, which often causes problems not for the animals but for their owners, who are already having a hard time.


They have the potential to be called “stealth thieves.”

Even if you don’t want to admit it, everyone knows that cats are notorious for stealing things that aren’t theirs. This is exactly what happened when a cat owner posted a picture of her cat to Reddit. The picture went on to become very popular.

Even though she’s done bad things, is it still possible to forgive her? Let’s look into it together to find out what this funny story is all about.


The funny story is told from Esme’s point of view. It is about all the bad things she does.

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Due to the many gardening jobs that were done in different places, gardening tools and supplies were left all over the area.


Esme, unfortunately, didn’t understand this well and took it the wrong way.

She thought they were “gifts” from her kind neighbors. Because they didn’t understand each other, she had no choice but to bring them back to her house.


When Esme had received 10 gifts, her owner decided to “hang out all of her dirty laundries.”

They put up a clothesline in a street yard and hung some gardening gloves on it. In the yard, a clothesline was set up. Some of the gloves, though, were missing their matching pair. This didn’t mean that the gloves were broken in any way; it just meant that they had been washed recently.


After reading the huge sign on the side of the car, the neighbors seemed to have understood everything.

My cat is a thief. Please take these items if they are yours.

Esme’s owner made sure that everyone knew about the bad things she did, and she never stopped telling people about them. They didn’t want to be linked to the “crime” that was done, so they gave everything to the people who had a legal right to it.

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Is forgiving in this case possible or not?

Even though cats are not technically thieves, it is common knowledge that they like to take things that are not theirs. Cats also want to do this a lot. They do this not to steal valuables but to get the owner’s attention.

According to Be Chewy,

Cats are natural kleptomaniacs — they love to prey on harmless household items and pile them up under beds, sofas, refrigerators, and anywhere your hands can’t easily reach. They’re clever creatures that use stealing as a tactic for attention, play, and food, or sometimes they’re simply following their animal instincts.

Now that we know everything we need to know about Esme, let’s not judge her too quickly. She might have been really bored and wanted to play a scavenger hunt game with their next-door neighbors.


After the funny photo was widely shared on the internet, people started talking about it.

You should know that people on the internet have very creative and light-hearted ways of thinking. As expected, a lot of people made guesses, asked questions, and told stories that were similar to Esme’s.

Reddit user MizchiefKilz commented:

We had a dog like that. We lived in the country so everyone’s dog’s roamed free. We taught him to fetch the paper, then he started fetching everyone’s paper’s and bringing them to our house. Then he would steal shoes, baseball gloves, pumpkins, anything he could fit in his mouth and bring them to the front door. I suppose he just thought he was supposed to go get things and didn’t know what was special about our specific paper.

One day our neighbor saw him running across the yard with 3 construction workers chasing him. He had a McDonalds bag in his mouth.


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We have high hopes that Esme has finally grown up and won’t do what she did before, which was to run away while holding someone else’s glove in her mouth. Even though we all know that reaching that goal is almost never going to happen.