Overlord season 4

Overlord season 4 filming hasn’t started, and yet there already seem to be several complications in getting the anime series on the floor. Throughout the show, the production studio, Madhouse, has adapted three novels to produce a season of 13 episodes.

Overlord season 4: Is a cliffhanger problematic?

But they currently face a dilemma. Overlord season 4 will feature work starting from volume 10 of the anime series. The problem is that volume 12 and 13 have been created as a two-part story by the author of the series.

If the studio decides to adopt volume 10 to 12 for season 4, they will have to end with a cliffhanger, and it does not make sense to stop the plot in the middle of volume 12 and 13.

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Season 5 may be delayed

Overlord season 4 updateOf course, they can choose to do that and continue the story in the fifth season, but the problem with this part is that the author still hasn’t completed volume 14 and 15 which the studio needs for completion of the fifth season.

With these volumes expected to drop at the end of the year, fans will not see the fifth season of overlord before 2021.

Either of the choices is not ideal for the studio, but it does not look like they have any choice. Unless Kugane Murayama, the author of the series, decides to finish the novels as early as possible. Fans we have to wait a long time to see the next instalment.