Overlord season 4

The Japanese animation series Overlord has seen no signs of recommissioning for season 4, and fan speculations are rising.

Fans theorize this may be the end

Overlord season 4 updateThe anime television series was adapted from Japanese novels written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin. So far, 13 volumes of the novels have been released and been adapted for television into three seasons.

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But will there be Overlord season 4? Fans are speculating about the show’s return – or possible cancellation – on social media sites like Reddit. Some fans have theorized that the show may not be coming back after all.

Another Reddit user said that the season finale for the 3rd season saw an ominous end, with the words “and the story continues” uttered. This can mean that there may not be Overlord season 4 in the future. The same opinion was supported by other fans who said that the third season’s ending hints towards an end to the show.

Why is Overlord season 4 getting delayed

Overlord season 4 release date updateBut there may be more pragmatic reasons for the delay. Of the 13 novels, the three seasons have already covered 9 volumes. To plan the next season, showrunners need more material, and just four novels worth of story material won’t do.

The 14th volume is set to be launched later this year or early 2020, after which we may see the return of the Overlord season 4. For now, we can only wait.