Disney Hulu movies stream online

Hulu will now be run by Disney instead on Comcast. The firms also announced that Comcast may sell Hulu to Disney in 2024. For now, Disney has accepted to pay Comcast for the next five years.

The official statement released on Tuesday read that Comcast will sell Hulu to Disney in  2024. Comcast currently owns one-third of Hulu’s share. Rumors suggest that Comcast will be the silent investor. The investments would roughly equate to $5.8 Billion, or more.

Disney Hulu

In this modern era, YouTube is the biggest streaming device for digital video entertainment. Netflix built up a tributary library with back to back popular TV series and movies. On the other hand, ABC, NBC, and Fox entertainment networks are important for Hulu TV episodes.

Digitalized technology powered more people to watch episodes on Netflix, YouTube. Entertainment firms are actively seeking to launch more streaming services to make up for the incurred losses.

Hulu- Episode Pricing, Subscriptions, and  other features

NBC universal re-evaluated the pricing for streaming service after Disney takes over with a nominal charge of 6$ per Month. Disney’s new kids streaming services platform, Disney Plus will also release this year. Charges for the same would be 7$ per month.

Comcast NBC Universal is planning to introduce a streaming service in 2020. Warner Media is also launching its own streaming service with a focus on HBO
With Disney+ and the Hulu services, it is clear that the strategy is to build a full-fledged library for engaging all age-groups.