OnePlus 7 Pro was released for the public last week and is making waves all over the tech space. Android users are loving the OnePlus 7 Pro and sharing their reactions all over social media. However, the important question is, is the phone faring well among tech experts? Here is our technical review for the new OnePlus 7 Pro, we will review its design and display, camera, tech specs, price and performance. Let’s find out if it’s bang for the buck.

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Design and Display

The OnePlus 7 Pro comes with a 6.67-inch AMOLED display with a QHD plus resolution. The design is elegant and the smartphone feels premium while you’re holding it. The display is seamless, there is no notch, no front camera space, OnePlus 7 Pro provides a clear front view.

Form factor may be a problem for some buyers, OnePlus 7 Pro might be a bit too big for casual users, and many users are experiencing difficulty with single hand operation. The screen resolution is fantastic, 90 Hz refresh rate is quite impressive, and far better than other smartphones. At the same time, weighing more than 200 grams, OnePlus 7 Pro is a bit on the heavy side.


OnePlus is promoting the new phone boasting that it has the best in class camera. The makers have introduced triple lens rear cameras and a front pop-up selfie camera for the first time with OnePlus 7 Pro. It takes decent photos in better lighting, though somehow night shots are not that great.

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The front pop-up camera is fast to function and just takes 0.53 seconds to come out and get in. While it protects the camera from catching dust and water, OnePlus 7 Pro has “nice” selfie clicks. The video quality is also great, but the OnePlus 7 Pro messes somewhat with the colors in low light.

Specs and Features

OnePlus 7 Pro runs on the Oxygen OS 9.5 and Android 9 “Pie” operating system. The software has been integrated in a beautiful way, and the constant updates from OnePlus will keep all the troubles out. The Snapdragon 855 chipset and 12 GB RAM makes the phone runs smoothly without any lags. There is a new 10-layer cooling system and a Zen mode feature in OnePlus 7 Pro. Zen mode allows OnePlus 7 Pro users to put their phone down for a 20 minutes break.


OnePlus has totally removed the headphone jack in OnePlus 7 and is promoting its new Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds. It has stereo speakers certified by Dolby Atmos sound standards. The sound volume of OnePlus 7 Pro is loud enough, but it lacks bass in the speakers.

For those who prefer wired headphones, there is an option to use the USB-C type earphones. The sound quality while playing videos on the OnePlus 7 Pro fades a bit which can be improved over the upcoming updates.

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OnePlus 7 Pro has an improved battery life, featuring a massive 4000 mAh battery cell. The battery is enough to last for a day even with heavy use and playing video games on the phone. OnePlus 7 Pro is true to its claim of fast charging and takes around an hour to reach 100% charge.

The performance of OnePlus 7 Pro is fast and seamless, and it never happens to lag or freeze. Heavy games such as PUBG and Asphalt were running smoothly on the new OnePlus 7 Pro. Overall, the OnePlus 7 Pro performs great and is one of the fastest Android phones right now.

Cost Factor: Final Review

OnePlus 7 Pro has an amazing display, super fast processor and long battery life. If you are looking to play games and do normal photography it will be the ideal phone for you. OnePlus 7 Pro will cost you a bit more than $700, which is a big deal.

While there are other options in the form of Samsung Galaxy S10+ or Apple iPhone, either of them will burn a hole in your pocket. OnePlus 7 Pro provides almost everything for its price and the rest depends on user preference. If you really are looking for a fast smartphone, you should go with the new OnePlus 7 Pro.