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One Piece: Stampede movie gets major release date update

First Stills For 'One Piece- Stampede' Collected

One Piece seems to have a lot on their plate at the moment, and it will add more soon hopefully. After a long wait, the next film of One Piece anime will be out and the first stills for the anime have already been leaked out among fans.

One Piece: Stampede First Stills Released

One Piece- Stampede First Stills Released

If you’re a One Piece fan, willing to have a closer look at the film, then we have some screenshots here for you.

Sometime back, the first One Piece: Stampede trailer came out and fans got their first glance at the film. The film will see the Strawhat Pirates and many more as they come along for Pirate Expo. This event urges to get to the treasure of Gol D. Roger. The whole competition is speculated to be fierce as the reward is huge and Luffy will be going against many others for the treasure.

These screenshots come from the important parts of the trailer and enables One Piece fans to know what’s next.

One Piece Stampede: What do the stills mean for?

One Piece- What does the stills mean?

The primary still features the whole Strawhat Pirates crew in chaos. With the second hand, Luffy remains in the middle of it all. He seems to have a huge helmet full of food. The other crew members are all around him while Sanji and Zoro go against each other on the side.


The other stills feature the villains in the film, out of which one comes from the crew Gol D. Roger. We can also spot two characters and they seem like a troupe hired for entertaining everyone at the Expo.

Other still feature familiar faces. One Piece: Stampede will bring some unexpected faces and characters like Garp, Buggy the Clown and Law are also present in a few stills. Thereby, it would all be an understatement to comment on the film has a huge roster.

One Piece: Stampede: Release Date

One Piece film will come out on 9th August with One Piece: Stampede being its title. Stampede means running away or rushing. The film will also mark the 20th anniversary of the One Piece anime and will surely heat things up.

Written by Jagreet Singh

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