One Piece Chapter 948 release date

One Piece Chapter 948 is going to release pretty soon, but before we discuss the next chapter, let’s discuss a little about the previous one. Chapter 947 released yesterday, and it passes as one of the best chapters easily.

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We got to see a lot of sequences involving Big Mom and Luffy. As Hyou had explained earlier, Luffy is continuing his training to master the Ryuuou. He tried to stop Big Mom but failed. As we saw, the Udon Prison was vandalized. Queen hit Big Mom, which got her memories back.

One Piece Chapter 948 spoilers

And Queen was lucky that Big Mom fell asleep after that and she was transported to Onigashima. Luffy is finally free now and he is planning to take over Udon.

One Piece Chapter 948 spoilers and predictions

In One Piece Chapter 948, we might get see to more of Luffy and how he is going to take over Udon. And he has to fight against everyone who have remained back at Udon. Also, there is a very sneaky and suspicious looking guy at Udon. So, we assume that the fight is not going to be a piece of cake for Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 948 spoilers and predictions

On the other hand, we might also get to see what happens at Flower Capital. Previously, we saw Sanji and Zoro battling against X Drake and Kyoshiro in Flower Capital. So, hopefully, we might get to see more action over there too. Also, Ashura Doji had plans to show something to Kinemon. So, we might to get to see what it was in One Piece Chapter 948.

When is the One Piece Chapter 948 going to release?

One Piece Chapter 948 spoilers release date

The upcoming chapter is going to release officially on 8 July 2019. And the scans are going to release by 5 July 2019.