One Piece chapter 946 spoilers and release date

One Piece chapter 946 is going to release in some time, and we’ll get to see the aftermath of the fight between Big Mom and Queen. There is still some time left before we get to see the battle between the Alliance of the Beast Pirates and Straw Hat Pirates Alliance. And the Land of Wano is already converting into a battlefield.

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One Piece chapter 946 spoilers release date

What happened in the previous One Piece chapter?

After Lord Shimotsuki Yasuie got executed at Flower Capital, there was some commotion among the members of the Beast Pirates, Straw Hat Pirates and the subordinates of Shogun Orochi. The previous chapter of One Piece showed Big Mom arriving at the Prisoner’s Mine.

Is One Piece chapter 946 release going to get delayed?

But, the fans might have to wait before they get to see One Piece, Chapter 946. Otakuart has reported that manga creator, Eiichiro Oda has taken a week’s break. And hence, there will be a delay in One Piece, chapter 946. But, until we wait for the next episode, let’s take a look at a few predictions that might happen.

Predictions and spoilers for the upcoming chapter

According to the spoilers posted by Otakuart, in One Piece chapter 946, we might get to see Big Mom talking to Luffy after defeating Queen. With Queen out of the picture, Luffy will set free Killer and Kid. And Mama is going to be an accomplice in that. Big Mom also said that she could smell some Oshiruko there. But, even if there isn’t, they can lie to Big Mom and manipulate her. And we might also get to see the Straw Hats withdraw from Rasetsu.

In the last scenes of the previous chapter, Big Mom defeated Queen with just one punch. And after this defeat of a Yonko commander, nobody would dare to challenge Emperor Big Mom. So, it will be easier for Tony Tony Chopper to release Luffy.

And as mentioned before, Luffy will instruct Chopper to rescue Kid and Killer. But, Luffy might face a big problem if Big Mom does not find any Oshiruko at the mine. She might say kindly to Luffy now, but she will show real colors once her tantrums start.