One Piece Episode 879 release date and spoilers

We will be discussing One Piece Episode 879 today in post. The Reverie is going to take place really soon and now that the arc has already begun, the event is expected to begin soon too. One Piece Episode 878 was full of mixed stuff.

One Piece Episode 879: Plot

One Piece Episode 879- Plot

All of us didn’t really like the stuff that was old enough fans had to watch again in episode 878. We are enjoying the new stuff that we have received with the bounty of Sanji and Luffy, and also everyone’s reaction to it.

Luffy is now seen as the Fifth Yonko. But this could be only due to the fact that Big News blew up the whole news.

Big News Morgan didn’t report what happened really, and that’s why Luffy has been titled as unofficial emperor. So let us discuss the next One Piece episode on this post.

Before we kick-start, we’d like to inform you that this article may contain some major/minor spoilers, so if you’re avoiding any, please don’t go further with this post. If spoilers don’t affect you, we can begin.

One Piece Episode 879: Spoilers

One Piece Episode 879- Spoilers

Episode 879 of One Piece will focus on Koby. Meanwhile, it will also focus on the Queens, Princesses and Kings who are on their way to Reverie. King Elizabello, Rebecca, Tontattas and even Riku is there in the One Piece 879 preview. Another person who’d be moving to Reverie will be Don Sai.

We will also be focusing a lot on the improvements made by Koby. He’s the Marine Captain now, a role held by Smoker before the time skip took place. Koby is now really strong, had to deal with the torpedos who are really fast and have also mastered rokushiki.

It will be incredible to watch out for him this coming week. We will also come across many flashbacks but we aren’t interested in it. For now, all we can do is hope that the upcoming episode turns out to be good.

One Piece Episode 879: Release Date

One Piece 879 will come out next Sunday. Fans will have to wait until April 7, 2019. You may stream One Piece episode 879 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.