One Piece Chapter 959 Release Date

One Piece has reached Chapter 959 but due to some reasons, fans of this manga have to wait a few more days. The third act for the Wano arc has started in the previous chapter and things won’t go easy for Luffy as everyone is expecting. The members of the Nine Red Scabbards with the help of Momonosuke decided to raid area but couldn’t found a single piece of treasure.

Luffy will be in big trouble as all his allies, ships and prisoner recruits from Udon prison are also somehow gone. Fans of One Piece are waiting for the answer but unfortunately, they have to wait one more week as Chapter 959 is delayed and now will release on October 21.

Why is One Piece Chapter 959 Delayed?

Why is One Piece Chapter 959 Delayed

One Piece chapter 958 ended on a confusing note and it has left a mystery in the mind of the readers. The cliffhanger has made fans go crazy and the makers have decided to take a one week break to increase the hype further.

One Piece manga fans have to wait another week as the answers they are looking for will be out after that. One Piece Chapter 959 will be released on October 21st alongside the weekly magazine issue of Shonen Jump.

What will Happen to Luffy at Port Tokage?

What will Happen to Luffy at Port Tokage

Luffy’s plan to reunite at the Port Tokage will his allies have gone bad as all the important crew members including Grandpa Hyo, Law, and others are missing. Shogun Orochi can be the one responsible behind all the trouble as he has given hints about something happening the night before the raid.

But the question remains is that what happened at Port Tokage and where are Luffy and all the allies. The fate of Luffy, for now, is still unknown and it will only be known once One Piece chapter 959 is out.