In One Piece chapter 943, Oda will prove once more that all readers know nothing about the creation he made.

*Spoilers ahead*

After going through the last chapter of One Piece, many fans were seen wailing at the fate of someone who was taken as an inconsequential person in the manga. At the time of the introduction of Tonoyasu, many people thought that he will have a significant role in Wano arc. However, manga readers didn’t know that he’ll he sparking a rebellion, giving the whole alliance an opportunity to battle back.

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‘One Piece’ Chapter 943: Updates

One Piece’ Chapter 943- Updates

One Piece manga will go on for another break as reported by Otakukurt, which will sadden many fans. But with so much anticipation, turns and ugly twists are already surfacing, it makes sense that Oda will be needing some more time for fleshing the plot out. From One Piece chapter 943, these characters will have to decide how to use the available opportunities given by Yasu to him. It will also be dealing with the truth behind the wonders of a smile.

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‘One Piece’ Chapter 943: Spoilers & Predictions

One Piece’ Chapter 943- Predictions

While gap between some chapters of One Piece has effected the death of Yasu, it won’t affect the challenge imposed to Orochi by any means. He was the one who called Kaido who invaded and painted a shotgun like a coward. He also declared Oden, the ole ruler, as his king. Reminding those in Wano if they were actually capable of, One Piece chapter 943 will be building onto the same.

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It’ll just be a matter of the right situations post that. According to the leaked spoilers/predictions, these will also feature the Strawhats, the loyal samurai to Oden. It will also showcase all the anger that everyone will feel over the death of Yasu. With all of this in mind, it would’ve been possible for Wano Country to break free of the tyrannical Kaido and all the goons that he has placed around.

‘One Piece’ Chapter 943: Release Date

One Piece chapter 943 will release on 20th May.