The wait of fans for One Piece Chapter 1092 seems to be over finally. Oda, the writer of the manga, is finally back after a short hiatus, and the August release schedule for the chapters is out on social media. But what led to the delay in the release? Do we know for sure when the next chapters will come out? Let’s find out in this post.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Read online
Oda chooses to take a break only after three chapters have been released.

Why One Piece Manga Is Facing Continuos Hiatus

Oda, the author of the series, had to take a break so he could have surgery to fix astigmatism. Moreover, it is not uncommon for Oda to take a small break while writing the chapters. This approach might disappoint some fans, but others remark that a writer should not be in haste and be allowed regular breaks.

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One Piece Chapter 1092 Release Date and Read Online

 One Piece Chapter 1092 release date depends on many factors. We know that One Piece Chapter 1091 will be released in September 2023. The exact date isn’t confirmed, but multiple sources suggest that the chapter will be released on September 3, 2023.

Consequently, chapter 1092 will be released on September 10, 2023, in the Weekly Young Jump magazine and on the official website of Viz Media. The manga has not experienced consecutive breaks, so it is probable that chapter 1092 will be published one week after chapter 1091.

Will One Piece manga go on hiatus after Chapter 1092?

Keep in mind that the release date for Chapter 1091 may be delayed. After the publication of Chapter 1092, things appear uncertain. Oda may take a hiatus again. However, Oda chooses to take a break only after three chapters have been released. So it is conceivable that readers will be able to read chapter 1093 one week after the release of  One Piece chapter 1092.

One Piece manga hiatus status
One Piece Chapter 1092 will be released on September 10, 2023,

Oda Apologizes for Regular Delays

Oda made an apology to the readers about the constant delays in the manga. In a note published in the Weekly Young Jump magazine, he revealed that he was getting back from surgery and was stuck with a demanding schedule. The work on the live-action adaptation of One Piece is also ongoing.

The latest developments in the One Piece manga series involve the ending of the Egghead Arc. This arc will be concluded in the upcoming chapters. The characters have been engaged in an intense battle on the island, and it would be interesting to see how this battle would conclude.