The release date for the most anticipated One Piece chapter 1079 has been announced. Read ahead to learn more.

One piece chapter 1079 release date spoilers and more
Eustass Kid, as seen in One piece anime

Spoilers Ahead!

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One Piece is a Japanese adventure Shonen manga written by Eiichiro Oda. This Manga is one of the big three. One Piece also has the record for the most-running anime of all time. The Manga has completed 1078 chapters; the next one will be released. Toei Animation adapted the Manga into an anime. The anime has completed 1049 episodes so far.

One Piece chapter 1079 release date and time

The anime chapter will release on March 27, 2023. For worldwide fans, the timings are given below.

Eustass and Shanks fight will be the most anticipated in the Manga.

The spoilers and raw scan release date are estimated to be March 25, 2023.

One Piece Chapter 1079 spoilers predicted

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Brief spoilers of chapter 1079
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Bonney got to see some of Kuma’s past. Maybe this chapter will explore more on that. Some panels may focus on Vegapunk and the most awaited Shanks vs. Eustass Kidd. It is predicted that Eustass will lose to Shanks. Shanks uses Kamusari, an attack similar to Divine Avoidance. Using this gives Shanks the upper hand and defeats all of Eustass’ pirates. Kid surrenders and hands out the copies of pone glyphs to Shanks.

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brief spoilers of chapter 1078
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The traitor is said to be Vegapunk York in the previous episode. There may be more information on the matter as to why she did what she did. There is a possibility that the story me talk about her past when Vegapunk asks her why she betrayed him. York tells him she will be a celestial Dragon if she turns him over. The panels ended there in the last series. Fans are hoping the new episode will shed more light on the matter.

One Piece Chapter 1079 read online

The Manga will be on a break next week. Fans can read the manga online on Manga Plus and Viz media.