One Piece episode 890 release date plot synopis

One Piece episode 890 will kick start the Wano Country arc. And it is going to be one of the most interesting plots of the series. But, it seems that most of the storyline will consist of flashbacks. And it might focus most on the death of Whitebeard.

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This might be because Marco Phoenix will be shown in One Piece, episode 890. After the fall of the Whitebeard Pirates, Marco becomes a doctor who catered to the needs of the poor.

One Piece episode 890 release date plot synopis

One Piece episode 890 plot

Marco will announce that his decision is based on the previous actions of Whitebeard of supporting the place. In the upcoming episode, he is going to get emotional as he will get nostalgic thinking about his old captain.

After this, we will get to see the Straw Hats Pirates and how they are going to be in disguise within Wano. Franky is going to take the form of a carpenter. Usopp will suppose the role of an oil salesman. Zoro is going to be Ronin and Robin will disguise as a geisha. So, Zoro’s disguise will be the most interesting one as he will kill someone after knowing who’s responsible for a recent killing. On the other hand, we will also get to know Luffy’s whereabouts in One Piece episode 890.

One Piece episode 890 release date plot synopis

Even though Zoro, Franky, Robin, and Usopp are in Wano, their other friends will head towards enemy territory. So, fans should not be expecting a lot of Luffy scenes as there is going to be a lot of flashbacks.

When is the next episode going to release?

These flashbacks have been the reason why the fans are getting annoyed about the slow adoption of the manga. We are hoping that things will be better for the Wano country arc. Because it is going to show a lot of important events. One Piece episode 890 is going to release on 23 June 2019.