One Piece 945 spoilers raws predictions

One Piece 945 is all set to release in a few hours, and the spoilers for the upcoming chapter are already out.

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Big Mom took a long time to arrive at the Udon Prison but now that she has, it’s time for fans to see her going on an absolute rampage. Big Mom was promised food, and it looks like she will finally have a taste of it in chapter 945 of One Piece manga.

It is highly probable that Big Mom will eat at least one prisoner, and her battle against Queen will be really intriguing. Luffy can freely escape from prison during this time too.

This post may contain some spoilers for One Piece 945, so those who are avoiding them may not go ahead with the post. However, if you’re okay with such spoilers, we may begin.

One Piece Chapter 945 spoilers and predictions

'One Piece’ Chapter 945- Predictions, Release Date, Spoiler

One Piece chapter 945 will see its stakes high for all since Big Mom seems unstoppable when she’s lost in hunger. According to the spoilers obtained by the folks over at Otakukurt, readers will be left hanging on the ending of the chapter.

It wouldn’t be too strange for chapter 945 of One Piece to feature all points for other One Piece characters before cutting the scene to the Udon Prison. It’s also likely for the prison scene to be not seen at all. Luffy and others may get reunited surprisingly, which will be a pretty jarring development.

'One Piece’ Chapter 945- Spoilers

Towards this point, Wano arc has a lot of plot points that it is not going to be surprising if the creator forgets a few of them. This should be clear when One Piece 945 releases. If the journey holds steady, fans will in for an absolute treat when they come across Big Mom help her enemy out.

One Piece Chapter 945 raw scans and release date

One Piece 945 releases on 7th June. As of writing this, no raw scans have leaked.

UPDATE: The official spoilers for One Piece chapter 945 are out. The spoilers were also accompanied by the title cover of the upcoming chapter (pictured below). Sadly, no raw scans have leaked so far.

One Piece chapter 945 raw scans

One Piece 945 - Queen's Zoan Form
One Piece 945 – Queen’s Zoan Form

Sources: @siyporg @redon


– Big Mom beats Queen.

– Orochi continues to escape and Zoro is still entangled with Kyoshiro. Zoro is very angry, unlike the very cold Kyoshiro.

– Fukuroju intervenes with his ninja gang .

– Fukuroju holds the most wanted photo of Zoro and one of Fukuroju’s women is attacking Zorro with the music.

– Ussop takes Toko from Sanji and escapes.

– X Drake is attacking Sanji strongly.

– Brook turns to a Soul and scares Ninja as he did before.

– Hawkins is in contact with Law.

– Zoro saves Hiyori from death

– Hiyori holds Zoro’s neck and chest and Sanji shocked in a funny way

– Kinemon puts his head on the ground and he’s begging you. (idk what this meant)

– Luffy and Queen, their eyes and tongues emerge in a funny way, terrified of watching the Big Mom.

– Big Mom appears in two double pages with a very wonderful looking.

– All those in jail are stunned by horror.

– Queen turns into a full dinosaur Kid and Killer still have their heads in the water.

– Queen has a Brontosaurus fruit

– When Queen turned the dinosaur into a long neck dinosaurs, Big Mom in the last page did a high jump and then grabbed the head of Queen, who was making fun of her then she pulled his head from above quickly hit him to the ground.

More info soon.

(Translation: Queen: There’re still plenty of Oshiruko left but they’re all mine…I won’t give you even a drop of it old hag!!! Subordinates: (Actually there’s none left!!) Dragon-dragon fruit ancient model Brachiosaurus