One Piece 944 Spoilers

After the whole hype for the last chapter, the One Piece 944 spoilers are now leaked bringing some really breathtaking events. If you’re looking forward to the next chapter, here are One Piece Chapter 944 raw scans and spoilers.

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One Piece 944 spoilers leaked: Strawhats take action!

One Piece Chapter 944- Spoilers

Before we begin, this post may have some spoilers for One Piece 944. The author doesn’t take any responsibility of leaking any of these spoilers as they’re available on many websites. But if you are a One Piece fan, who doesn’t like being spoiled, then don’t go any further. However, let’s begin if you’re okay with spoilers.

Zoro and Sanji’s appearance in the last chapter marks the start of the whole revolution. In One Piece 944, we will see Kyoshiro save Orochi after he got attacked by Zoro.

We will see X Drake transforming into the Zoan form which will be a dinosaur who will attack Sanji. The subordinates of Orochi will attack Zoro but later Franky shows up saving Zoro from all the bullets. The Strawhat crew people who are also in capital intervened the commotion.

One Piece Chapter 944- Raw Scans and Release Date

On the other hand, Queen captured Captain Kid (Kid Eustass). Luffy attacks Queen in the prison after seeing what took place at the capital. However, Queen defends himself easily. One Piece 944’s end will show the arrival of Big Mom with a petrifying face.

One Piece 944 Spoilers: RAW Scans and Chapter Script

Since we have the spoilers leaked already, fans may get to see all the raw scans of One Piece 944 this very weekend. However, the chapter will officially release on 3rd June, alongside the Shonen Jump issue.

One Piece Chapter 944 Title : ” Partner ”

Cover page :

Hancock blushing after she made a monkey wear a straw hat (The same monkey is wearing a t-shirt with Luffy on it)

Execution ground No.1 :

Orochi was furious to see someone stand out and save O-toko.

He shouts and orders his retainers to kill anyone who dares to interfere with the execution.

Zoro throws O-toko to Sanji to let him protect her and uses 720 pound phoenix as an attempt to slash Orochi.

But he was stopped by Kyoushirou.

A dinosaur-like monster opened his big mouth in front of Sanji and O-toko. That dinosaur is Drake of course.

Nami et al joined the chaotic fight as well. Franky shielded Zoro from the bullets and grabbed Yasu’s dead body.

Seeing the situation, Orochi rushed into a palanquin and went in the direction of the castle.

In one of the spoiler pics revealed, Kid and Kamazou the killer are shown captured and chained to be tortured.

One Piece 944 Spoilers leaked; Zoro makes moves in Chapter 944; Kid and Kamazou the killer revealed in RAW Scans

Kamazou the killer sheds tears, probably cursing his fate for getting caught and chained!

One Piece 944 Spoilers leaked; Zoro makes moves in Chapter 944; Kid and Kamazou the killer revealed in RAW Scans

Kyoshiro stops Zoro's Attack - One Piece Chapter 944
Kyoshiro stops Zoro’s Attack – One Piece Chapter 944
Big Mom Arrives at Prison - One Piece 944
Big Mom Arrives at Prison – One Piece 944

Udon :

Luffy encourages and cheers for his nakamas in front of the screen.

Meanwhile, Kamazou and Kid are escorted back to Udon together.

Kid feels Kamazou’s laugh extremely familiar. Kamazou seems to be one of his retainers from before.

Yup, that voice, Kamazou is Killer.

Kid asks Killer what exactly did Kaido do to him so that Killer becomes that he is now.

Kid growls to those around him: “Who did this to my nakama???”

Killer is shedding tears.

He only smiles but doesn’t even say a word. It looks like Killer is one of the victims of SMILE.

Queen soaks Kid and Killer into water with their head downwards and deals with Luffy’s attack with practically no effort.

He tells Luffy that he won’t pull these two (Kid&Killer) out of the water before Luffy dies.

Luffy is furious.

Meanwhile, there is a very loud noise outside the mine and Queen’s retainers reports that they have lost contact with the guards at the gate.

There comes Big Mom’s drooling face. (There are four words on Big Mom’s head)

Chapter End


People’s reactions to One Piece 944 Spoilers

Fans are going crazy over the new chapter, check out what @tpoc_shakur had to say: “damn one piece 944 sounds nuts.”


More information has been revealed regarding One Piece 944 spoilers:

As a bit of information, next chapter (945), will have a color page. It also means no break.

More details :

When Zoro holds his sword to fight Orochi he remembers the death of Yasu and his blood stream and remember the feelings of Toko.
Zoro attacks from a far distance to Orochi.
X Drake is fully transformed.
Sanji holds Toko instead of Zoro.
Franky’s appearance and intervention more than wonderful.
Orochi’s followers are the ones who shoot at Zoro.
The fight between Zoro with Kyoshiro was with the swords.
Kyoshiro body for Zoro was huge.
The prison situation became an encouraging arena in front of the screen.
Kid is clearly suffering from injuries and bleeding blood from his head and mouth.
Queen started dancing, causing Luffy angry and tried to hit him but failed.