It isn’t every day that people move homes. It’s a lot of work to pack and move to a new place but definitely a breath of fresh air and a new start.

You don’t have to move as much if you get lucky. There was a building in San Francisco that was moved to a new address. The entire house was put on wheels and taken to a new location.


When people hear the word ‘move house’ they usually mean changing apartments, not moving the entire house.

So, San Francisco, California has many beautiful homes, not only modern and stylish homes but also vintage Victorian homes.

A house like this, Englander House, made headlines. Because the house was picked up and placed on a flat surface and moved to a new location seven blocks away.

A masterpiece of Victorian architecture, the 5,170 square foot (480 m²) house was built in 139 years from 1882 to the present day. Transported at an average speed of 1 mile per hour (1.6 kilometers per hour). 807 Franklin to 635 Fulton at about 0.6 miles per hour of speed.


The Englander House was moved to a new location 7 blocks away.


The moving team relocated the house from 807 Franklin St. to 635 Fulton St. Just about 0.6 miles of distance.

The project cost around $400,000 and involved the removal of street lights, parking meters, and utility lines, among other things. This move was made possible by over 15 different permits.

600 people showed up to see the show despite the fact that the move was done in the morning. The weight of the house made the wheels bend sideways and the tires looked a bit flat.


It cost about $400k for the whole moving process. It involved the removal of utility lines and street lights.


There is a visualization of the route and distance that the house traveled.

Tim Brown, a real estate broker, and investor bought the house for $2.6 million. The building was going to be moved to a new location.

Brown wants to transform the house into seven residential units. There is a plan for it to become the location of a new apartment building.

While commenters were wondering how much outrage this must have caused, others thought it was a positive move as it allowed for smarter land development and the money to boost the economy.


Tim Brown bought the house for over $2 million.


It was moved to make way for a new building.

Others joked that they should have just used balloons, a subtle nod to the Disney movie Up, and wondered what the parking fees would be for stopping a vehicle of this size with a load like that for a lunch break.

A lot of news media channels covered the whole incident and it went pretty viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Imgur.


The Victorian house will be transformed into 7 residential units.


Here’s a video of the same:


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