If you are a person who decided to have children, you know how nerve-racking it can be to know that your life will never be the same and that you are now responsible for a tiny human, which could affect your mental health.

It is not cheap to start a family. It is important for people to know that their children will be showered with love but with the necessities that will secure them a fulfilling life. Our existence is unpredictable, and you never know what kind of lemons you could wake up to.

This TikTok user stitched a video from a fellow creator that showed a shelf of locked baby formulas while saying: “if you see anyone stealing – no, you didn’t”, to explain why he never cared about mothers stealing said product.


If women were caught stealing baby milk, he used to let them go.


You are no longer your number one priority once you become a parent. You are now in charge of the quality of life for your child. Things can always go south, even if you think you are prepared.


A study found that it could cost up to $1500 to sponsor your child’s first year of baby formula consumption.


It is not easy or affordable to be a parent. Health check-ups, after-school activities, clothing, and everything else that a kid must have in order to live a happy life costs an unbelievable amount of money. Today’s article is about baby formula. Breastfeeding is a cheaper way out, but it is not always easy. Some mothers can’t feed their children so they turn to baby milk which is very expensive.



The TikToker explained that he used to work at Walmart as a door greeter and that he was responsible for greeting customers and checking their receipts when they were ready to leave the store. He admitted that he didn’t mention baby products on the receipt, but wished the customer a great day and continued with his duties.



He didn’t care about this particular theft because he believes that baby formulas are overpriced and that having kids is expensive, as not a lot of people are as financially stable as others. The author didn’t want to put the mothers in an unpleasant position by telling them to feed their children because catching people stealing wasn’t rewarded by the company.



Customers would warn the ex-greeter that someone was stealing, but he would check their receipt and let them go. He said that he would get in trouble with asset protection staff but he never cared about the consequences since he was only making $11.50



It could be argued that his low salary doesn’t justify the fact that he would cover for people who stole baby products. A 40-dollar can that many mothers depend on simply shouldn’t cost that much, so maybe he was an angel for helping those who were in need.


The TikToker helped people who were in need.