Someone got called a s#$%ty liar. That is not really a bad thing. It just means I am honest, so I would take it as a compliment. Being brutally honest is a more useful skill than my skills at verbal deception would suggest.

Most people don’t have a reason to lie if they’re proud of something. Sometimes other people assume someone is lying, in spectacularly crazy ways.

A group of people that seem to enjoy drama all too much has been stirred up by a recent accusation of lying by one of them. Like racism, stereotypes, and hatred.


If you really try hard, assuming someone is lying can lead to equally spectacular drama as this bride-to-be did.

A woman by the nickname ofsailorangelxo turned to the r/AmITheA-Hole community on Reddit with a conflict she got into at a friend’s engagement party.

The story goes that the couple went to an engagement party hosted by the best friend of the bride-to-be and his wife, but both were brought up in Canada.


The story of how she was accused of lying when she wasn’t going out of control.

All was fine until OP had a chat with Alex’s aunt. The iron rings they both received upon graduation were the beginning of their bonding.

The bride-to-be asked her why she was lying when she said she was an engineer. The sudden abruptness of it all was just out of the blue, and it threw OP off because she wasn’t lying.

The bride-to-be was starting to berate her at the party, and quickly developed into a full-on scene. Initially, they thought she was drunk, but then they realized she was just disrespectful. She said that OP was ruining her party, which led to her and her fiancée leaving early.

The situation already seems crazy. The friends of the bride-to-be started calling and texting her, accusing her of being stand-offish. She got a call from the groom-to-be, which didn’t go anywhere, and now nobody is talking. This was the main point of the post.


More context for the story was provided by the extensive update provided by OP.

The update provided by OP didn’t lead to a reunion, but it did put some things into perspective.

She explained how they were raised in Canada, but are actually from Pakistan and Afghanistan, how she worked hard to get to where she is, and what happened after the party.

Alex called the two and asked for an apology. What for? The bride-to-be looked bad in front of her in-laws because she didn’t know that OP had graduated. It was a good start.

One thing led to another and the bride-to-be was being racist. She assumed that she had dropped out of college because she looked like the type and that she would never finish her degree.

People online said that she is not a jerk. They said that OP did nothing wrong. It was the bride. People speculated that she might be jealous of her and that the in-laws probably needed to see how she was. She can be.

OP won’t have to buy them a wedding gift now.


People online said that the bride and her fiance have issues and that the NTA of the OP had issues as well.

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