neighbors complain about the pool being closed by the owner

At times you maintain that should help others barely out of a spirit of goodness, and from the start, they may be truly thankful for the irregular liberality, however sooner or later, they could get too accustomed to it and begin anticipating free blessings from you or even interest them from you.

A man who was referred to as Legitimate-Impact253 on the platform is confused as to whether he should continue being the generous and kind neighbor that everyone keeps telling him to be after the favor he was doing for them was causing him more worry than joy.


When a man saw that his pool was broken, he closed it for the kids, but everyone felt that he was being a jerk.

A man is moving into a small neighborhood with his fiancée and they are expecting a baby. Their child will have a lot of older friends as their neighborhood is full of kids around 9 or 10 years old.

The future spouses thought it was a good idea to have a pool in their yard because they were having a baby. The kids from the neighbors were allowed to play in the pool with the condition that they wouldn’t bring any dogs, and that’s what we’re most excited about.

The lining in the pool was fragile, so he thought there was a bigger chance of it breaking with dogs around. When the warm days came, the man opened the pool again.

The kids used it as both of the homeowners were away and when the OP got back, he noticed a big tear he had to fix.


When the OP and his fiancée moved, they wanted a pool in their yard.

The kids came with a dog the day after the repair of the tear, which the OP forbade them to bring.

The kids told their parents that it was unfair of the OP to close the pool. He came home to argue with some of the parents, accusing them of hurting their children’s feelings.


The kids were allowed to play in it, but no dogs were allowed.

The tear in the pool was caused by the children playing in it. The children broke something and didn’t even bother to tell the OP, so he had to put in his own money to fix it.

Some of the parents laughed at his reasoning, still demanding that he reopen the pool. He was told by his fiancée to apologize to the neighbors.


After the pool had a tear, he didn’t want the kids to come anymore.

People were confused by the entitlement of those neighbors. The OP bought the pool himself, put it on his property, and was kind enough to let the neighborhood kids play in it as it was a small community and that usually means people have friendly relationships.

He had the right to stop the children from coming because it was his money and his property, but he didn’t want the children to come anymore.


The parents of the kids were angry because it hurt their feelings and they wanted him to reopen the pool. His fiancée was with them.

The most important thing is that children get in trouble all the time and if they get hurt or drowned in that pool, the person who is held responsible would be the one who did it.

Many people were concerned if there were any adults watching the kids. Legitimate-Impact253 said “My fiancee works from home. She will keep an eye on them if one of the parents can’t. The kids normally swim in the afternoon/evening when we both are home. I also have cameras in the front and back of the house.”

The reply now has 167 downvotes, which is understandable. As fun as water is, it is also dangerous for small children.

It’s hard to understand how neighbors could demand someone else’s property, but it’s actually more common than you think.

Where do you think the entitlement comes from? If the owner doesn’t want to share it, why would another person think they have a right to use it? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Having children play on his property is not a good idea because he can decide what he wants.