Papa_in-waiting1762 took it to the AITA community to ask people for advice after he got into a heated argument with his parents-in-law.

The author and his husband have been married for over five years and already have a daughter. They decided to use surrogates this past year. Papa_in-waiting1762 wrote in a post that her husband’s sperm and an egg donor were the reason for her low sperm count.

Things did not go as planned during the gender reveal party. The parents-in-law were not happy to hear that the author had already named the baby. The conflict that followed ruined the vibe and divided the family.


The dad shared that his parents-in-law told him he had no right to decide the name of his baby since he wasn’t a biological dad.


The dad wrote a post on the AITA community and wondered if he had overreacted.


The author gave more context to the situation.


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