It is crucial to establish clear, healthy limits when doing someone a favor or helping out with babysitting. Otherwise, you risk having people take your nice deeds for granted. In certain cases, calling the police is the only option to make negligent parents take their actions seriously and learn their lesson. Nevertheless, some internet users disagree with that.

Reddit user u/GlitteringBall2429 asked the AITA subreddit for their opinion after sharing a gripping tale rife with injustice and drama. The OP described how she eventually contacted law enforcement when the mother of the two-year-old child she was watching couldn’t arrive in time to pick it up. Continue reading for the complete account, as told by the Redditor.

Dear readers, once you’ve finished the narrative, let us know in the comments what you think and who you believe was unquestionably at fault. What would you have changed if you could? Have you ever encountered a situation like this? Which members of the AITA community’s views do you agree with or disagree with the most?


There is never a justification for neglecting your kids. However, it may take some time for onlookers to contact the appropriate authorities.


A babysitter described how, after the child’s mother failed to arrive one morning, she finally dialed the authorities.


Later, the nanny had a few additional updates for the AITA community.


The fact that the OP indicated that the child she and her boyfriend were watching had been neglected for a while now complicates the scenario. Even though he is not the father, the child is the Redditor’s boyfriend’s ex-child. girlfriend’s

The mother of the child was using other people’s kindness to dump her child so that she could spend time doing something else, it is more or less obvious from reading between the lines. as in a party.

The OP detailed how badly the child was being neglected in a few more comments and updates. And a lot of Redditors were horrified by that. They believed that child protective services need to be quite concerned about the circumstance.

Having basic needs taken care of is a necessary component of being a successful parent. You give your child a place to live, food to eat, clothing to wear, love, support, etc. When a child’s basic requirements aren’t satisfied, that’s when you might say they’re being neglected.

But not all circumstances are cut and dry. Rarely do parents ignore their children because they are “evil” (though, unfortunately, it does happen). Some parents might struggle to provide for their families because they are having issues obtaining work and making ends meet. Others may battle addiction or mental disease.

According to Kids Helpline, neglect is typically a recurring problem. It progresses over time. There are various forms of neglect. For instance, failing to give injured people the proper medical attention when they are hurt, abandoning them, etc.

Other forms of neglect include failing to offer a child emotional support, failing to satisfy their educational needs, and failing to give them a safe environment with enough food and clothing. You can call a hotline and express your worries if you’re concerned that the parents in your area may be neglecting the youngsters. Your country and state will determine who you contact.


In the comments section of her widely shared post, the OP added some further detail regarding the child and its parents.


The majority of readers agreed that the babysitter was right to notify the police.


However, other people believed that almost every adult in the story had committed a sin.


Some online commenters believed that the OP should have contacted the authorities much earlier.