Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Problem

Nintendo’s portable gaming console aka Nintendo Switch is reportedly facing a new issue. More and more users are complaining about a new problem called Joy-Con Drift.

Nintendo is yet to confirm the issue, but we have covered a few methods that can help you in fixing the problem.

What is Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift?

As per the reports of Kotaku, several hundred of players are facing Joy-Con drift problem.

Joy-Con Drift is an issue when a player thinks that he might be touching the joystick on the controller, but in reality, he is not moving it. Simply put the camera angles on-screen changes on itself even when the users don’t want it.

This movement of camera angle is called drift.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Problem

According to Verge, the left joystick on the controller is more prone to this issue instead of right joystick. It could be annoying as most of the games use left joystick for character movement in the game.

What causes the Joy-Con Drift?

Nintendo is yet to acknowledge the Joy-Con Drift issues, so we don’t know what the single reason for the problem is.

Nintendo Switch

According to users, dirt, and debris, making their way into the gaps of joysticks is causing the issue. Some users also think that problem originates due to weak connectivity between Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons.

A Switch owner who is an electrical engineer accused Nintendo of making poor design choices and using cheap parts which have led to the problem.

Is there a fix?

We cannot assure you that the given fix would work, but you can try them if you are facing the drift issue.

  • Firstly, recalibrate the analog sticks.
  • If Joy-Cons is under warranty, then send them for repair at Nintendo’s repair center.
  • Blow pressurized air into the gaps to blow off the dirt.
  • Clean the area under rubber flap using Q-tips.

If these tips don’t work, then it might be time to buy new Joy-Cons.