Night Hunter: Trailer out now, starring Alexandria Daddario and Henry Cavill

Night Hunter, an upcoming thriller movie by Saban films has just been launched online with its first look being made available. The movie features an impressive line up of actors, and with such a strong cast, this movie is going places. The first trailer is out now.

Night Hunter: Let’s take a look at the trailer:

The movie boasts of a fantastic cast. It has got Henry Cavill which we all know as The Superman. He starred in the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice along with Ben Affleck.

Then we’ve got Alexandra Daddario. You must have seen her in the first season of True Detective and also in Baywatch. She is an excellent actress and does her job well.

The legendary Ben Kingsley is also a part of this upcoming thriller. He is known for his portrayal of Gandhi among many other critically acclaimed performances. He is an Oscar winner, and we expect his performance to be paramount in this movie too.

We have also got Stanley Tucci, Nathon Fillion, Brendan Fletcher, and Minka Kelly.

David Raymond has directed the movie, and he has also written it. Christopher Pettit and Rick Dugdale produce the film.

Night Hunter: Trailer out now, starring Alexandria Daddario and Henry Cavill
A scene from the trailer. Source: People

Synopsis for the movie

Henry Cavill stars as Marshall who is a police detective and Ben Kingsley stars as Cooper who is a local vigilante of sorts. Both of them arrest a serial killer who is targeting women.

Upon his arrest, they also get to know that the killer has just gotten started. He has orchestrated a series of murders before coming behind the bars itself.

Night Hunter (2019) | Official Poster from movies

The cops are racing against time and are on the hunt always. Cooper and Marshall fight hard to stay ahead from the serial killer. Night Hunter is a thriller that is going to get you gripped to the seat.

This is going to be one thriller that will keep you engaged throughout the movie. If you are also a sucker for thrillers, you should go for this movie.

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