Netflix has started the production of it’s much awaited series “The Witcher “. The cast of this highly this newly adapted series is headed by Henry Cavill in the lead. He had earlier been seen in the lead of ‘Man of Steel’. In this series he has taken on the lead role of Geralt of Rivia.

It has been well known that he is in the cast of the proponent for quite some times now .It will be the first time that Cavil will be seen in action as that popular character. But its important to keep in mind that this new film will be based on the actual novel and not on the game in the market.

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Geralt will be beardless , but he shall look some more than his character in “ Lord of the Rings”. The fans will be able to get some more view in the full upcoming trailer. With the casting being released, all are excited to watch how “The Witcher” story translates. But this Netflix movie’s date hasn’t been announced yet.

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