Nick Cannon gave the impression that he was telling the world that he and Alyssa Scott are expecting their second child after doing a maternity shoot with the model. Look at the pictures and decide for yourself.

We will definitely need a big lens for a family event as important as this one.

Alyssa Scott seemed to confirm that she and Nick Cannon were expecting their second child when she posted pictures from their maternity photo shoot less than two weeks after she said she was pregnant. In both of her pregnancies, she has been with Nick Cannon.

“This is a MIRACLE & a BLESSING,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram Nov. 3. “Thank you to my beautiful and talented friend @Glorydayyys for recreating and recapturing this very special moment. This will forever be my favorite piece of artwork.”

Nick and Alyssa posed for the picture while almost completely naked in a bathtub. In one of the pictures that Gabriel Villalobos took, the Wild ‘N Out host can be seen kissing Alyssa’s baby bump as she poses for the camera with nothing on her head but a towel wrapped around her hair. “Thank you @itsalyssaemm & @nickcannon,” Gabriel wrote on Instagram, “for letting me photograph and share this special moment with you guys.”

Alyssa posted a picture of her growing baby bump on Instagram on October 26 to share the exciting news that she was going to be a mom. A little over a year earlier, the model and Nick had said that their son Zen, who was only 5 months old at the time, had died from a brain tumor.

“This is a beautiful show dedicated to my son,” Nick said on the Dec. 7, 2021 episode of The Nick Cannon Show after confirming his child’s death. “You never know what someone is going through. Hug your family. Kiss somebody. Tell them you love them.”

Nick told Alyssa that he was impressed by how strong she was after their son died. Zeela, who is 4 years old, is Alyssa’s daughter from a previous relationship.

“Zen’s mom, Alyssa, was just the strongest woman I’ve ever seen,” the 42-year-old shared on his former talk show. “Never had an argument, never was angry. Was emotional when she needed to be, but always the best mom and continues to be the best mom.”

During the summer before, Alyssa talked to her friends and family about how she was dealing with her grief after her son died.

“I can’t believe it’s been a year since what I thought would be a quick doctor visit turned into a 5 day hospital stay,” Alyssa wrote on Instagram Aug. 12. “I will never be the same. My body feels it. I’ve been on the verge of tears the last few days. Trying to keep a forward momentum.”

Their most recent photoshoot supports the idea that Nick will have a new family member in 2023, even though he hasn’t said anything about Alyssa’s pregnancy in public yet.

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Zen Cannon

The model Alyssa Scott and her boyfriend Nick had a baby boy on June 23, 2021.

But just five months after the birth of their son, Nick told them that Zen had died from brain cancer. “Alyssa was just the strongest woman I have ever seen,” he said on the Dec. 7 episode of The Nick Cannon Show. “Never had an argument, never was angry. She was emotional when she needed to be but was always the best mom and continues to be the best mom possible. So I’ve got to say thank you to my entire family but specifically to Alyssa.”

“You never know what someone is going through,” he added. “Hug your family. Kiss somebody. Tell them you love them.”


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