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Antonio Brown has landed in some serious trouble and this it’s bigger than NFL. Brown has been accused of rape and sexual assault by her former trainer and Bible partner Britney Taylor. She has filed a report in Florida court that Brown has allegedly raped her and made sexual innuendos in front of her during 2017 and 2018 when she used to train him for the Pittsburgh Steelers team.

It has just come into the light after New England Patriots signing Antonio Brown for a new deal. Brown was already hated by a lot of people for the drama that he put up in Oakland Raiders to get released by the team. Now the rape charges against him are too much to take and the Patriots can remove him from their team to maintain their brand image.

Sexual Assault Charges and Lawyer

Antonio Brown accused of Rape Charges

Taylor has filed a federal lawsuit against Antonio Brown in Southern Florida on Tuesday. She said that she found the strength to open up about the abuse after seeing other victims and getting the support from his family. While she is fully ready to cooperate with the NFL and other agencies, she requested media to respect her privacy.

The allegations were in the news just after Brown joined the Patriots and got his $9 million signing bonus. The lawyer of Antonio Brown, Darren Heitner has denied every accusation and released a statement on his behalf. The statement claims that it is nothing but a way to extort money out of Brown and everything between them is consensual.

Reports  Stance of New England Patriots

NFL Antonio Brown Patriots Issuing Statement after Too much Pressure

New England Patriots were already facing a lot of criticism for signing Antonio and now it has gotten worse. They have also released a statement and made it clear that they take this allegation very seriously. The Patriots revealed that the NFL is investigating the case and they can’t comment anything until further notice.

Ever since Brown joined the Patriots, coach Bill Belichick refused to say anything on him. Even team member Tom Brady told the media not to ask him any questions regarding Antonio Brown. With the way Patriots are avoiding the bad publicity, Brown could soon be removed from the team.