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Antonio Brown is currently under investigation for the sexual assault and rape charges by the NFL committees and Florida State court. There have been three separate incidents for which Brown is accused and if proven guilty, he could land in some serious trouble. The star wide receiver has not played a single game of NFL 2019 preseason or regular season but has been surrounded by controversies since the last month.

The Oakland Raiders were so much fed up of his dramas that they finally decided to release him. The Patriots signed Brown thinking he would be great to Tom Brady and the recent case happened. New England Patriots have signed a $15 million contract with Brown but they have also added a clause for such situations. NFL experts have explained that Brown could be fired from the Patriots without getting any money and lose his entire salary.

Antonio Brown Contract with Patriots

Antonio Brown Contract With Patriots

New England Patriots were aware of Antonio Brown’s status and hence made sure to null his contract in case something wrong happens. There is a clause in the contract of Brown with Patriots which states the condition to cancel his deal with the team.

If Brown “takes any action that materially undermines the public’s respect for, or is materially critical of, the Club, the Player’s teammates or the Club’s ownership, coaches,” etc., guarantees will “null and void.” It simply means that the Patriots could end his contract without paying any of the guaranteed money if Brown is found to be guilty in the rape case.

Brown could be Fired without getting any Money

Antonio Brown could lose all his Money

There are also reports that Brown can be put on the commissioner’s exempt list until the verdict comes out. If Brown is proved innocent, he can get back to the team without losing his weekly salary. But things can get worse in case charges are proved and a civil lawsuit can be very dangerous for Antonio Brown.

The Patriots won’t care for him and Brown would most likely be forced to retire from the NFL. In short, whatever the outcomes of the court case are, the Patriots will get their money back and Brown will be fired from the team.