Trent Williams has been kind of avoiding the team of Washington Redskins and clearly indicates his departure from the team. The Redskins are not doing that good in NFL and their whole organization seems to be disorganized. It is the main reason why the All-Pro left tackle Williams have requested for a trade deal.

Williams is one of the best protectors in the NFL since the last few years and a lot of teams would be interested in a potential deal. Here are the possible trade deals of Williams with the Texans, Patriots and Browns.

Houston Texans

Trent Willams trade deals Houston Texans

Houston Texans should be the first team on the line to sign Trent Williams as they badly need him. He can be the new face of the franchise for the Texans as David Carr is no longer useful. If the Houston team management can somehow not mess the deal, Williams could easily accept their offer. It would be a bit difficult to arrange a trade with the Redskins, but once it’s done it could become the best trade deal of this NFL season.

New England Patriots

Trent Willams trade deals New England Patriots

New England Patriots are another team which is interested in signing Trent Williams from the Washington team. Trent Brown has moved to the Oakland Raiders in a massive deal and the Patriots needs a new left tackle. There might be a few issues related to salary and bonus for Williams, but he is not going back to the Redskins in any situation. Williams can be a great player and would definitely be an improvement over Brown as compared to the last season.

Cleveland Browns

Trent Willams trade deals Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns have managed to improve a lot in the last few months as their quarterbacks are in great form. Their offense department is great and yet they somehow lack a consistent player in the left tackle side. Joe Thomas has retired and Greg Robinson hasn’t exactly replaced him. Williams would be a much better addition to the team and the Browns should sign him without waiting a single second.

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