NFL trade deal New England Patriots Chiefs Cincinnati Bengals Trent Williams Jalen Ramsey Josh Norman AJ Green

NFL 2019 season is about to enter Week 4 of the games and there are a lot of free agents and holdout players waiting for a trade deal. The trade deadline is just a month as every NFL team has till October 29, 4 pm EST to make deals. With injured quarterbacks and players who requested a trade out, almost every team will need new players. Here are the possible trade deals for Trent Williams, Jalen Ramsey, Josh Norman and AJ Green.

Trent Williams, OT – Patriots

NFL Trade deal New England Patriots Trent Williams

Trent Williams who is currently sitting on a holdout from the Redskins can be easily signed by the New England Patriots. They could offer Washington a 2020 first-round pick combined with the fourth-round pick they got from Chicago Bears. The Patriots needs an offensive tackled to protect Tom Brady in the absence of Antonio Brown. Also, the Patriots can get a complimentary third-round pick for losing Williams in the free agency.

Jalen Ramsey, CB – Chiefs

NFL trade deal Jalan Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is not going back to the Jaguars in any condition and at this point, almost every NFL team is ready to sign a deal with this cornerback. The Chiefs have the best odds for the Super Bowl right now and they would gladly offer a 2020 first-round pick to get Ramsey in their team. Patrick Mahomes has been performing better than his MVP year and adding Ramsey in the mix would surely give them an edge over the Patriots.

Josh Norman, CB – Eagles

NFL Trade deal Josh Norman Eagles

The Eagles are clearing out the salary for the players that can’t afford anymore and cornerback Josh Norman will soon be on their trade list. The Eagles are the one who needs a corner badly and if they can’t get Jalen Ramsey, Josh Norman would be their next option. Norman is not in his best form but a change of team could surely improve things for both sides.

AJ Green, WR – Bills

NFL Trade deal Bills AJ Green

Cincinnati Bengals have lost all the three games of 2019 NFL season and don’t have many hopes for the playoffs. In Week 4, the Bengals will face the Patriots which will make their starts way worse. Hence, it will be the perfect time to trade out their wide receiver AJ Green to the Buffalo Bills who are currently undefeated in the season. The Bills would be ready to offer their 2020 second-round draft pick for having someone like Green in their locker room.