NFL Rumors Team Leaving Cut Deals

NFL offseason is going through a lot of drama as plenty of players have been doing some crazy things. Antonio Brown’s helmet issue and the feet injury, trade deal for Odell Beckham Jr. have shocked the NFL circles. At the same time, most of the NFL rosters are cutting players like Theo Riddick from Detroit Lions and Duke Johnson from Cleveland Browns. Here are the rumored team leaving Cut Deals for LeSean McCoy, Laquon Treadwell, Sean Lee and Josh Norman.

LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills

NFL Rumors Team Leaving Cut Deals LeSean McCoy

McCoy is 31 years old and has a contract north of $9 million for the NFL 2019 season. At the same time, Buffalo Bills have added Frank Gore in the free agency and Devin Singletary in the draft round. There is no room for that many running backs in the Bills roster. In the last season, McCoy just averaged 3.2 yards per carry, 514 yards and three scores. The Bills have no reason to carry him further and might cut him out of the team soon.

Laquon Treadwell, Minnesota Vikings

NFL Rumors Team Leaving Cut Deals Laquon Treadwell

Laquon Treadwell was picked up as the 23rd pick in the 2016 NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings. The biggest problem Treadwell have is that he can’t stay on the field and have trouble creating the separation. In his entire career, Treadwell has just made 56 passes for 517 yards and one score till now. Vikings are open to cut Treadwell soon and he might be released from the team.

Sean Lee, Dallas Cowboys

NFL Rumors Team Leaving Cut Deals Sean Lee

Sean Lee is 33 years old and still have the problem of staying on the field for a longer time. Dallas Cowboys won’t trade any player easily but Lee has been injured and missing out most of the games. He is costing them too much, played less than 11 games in the last four of six seasons. The Cowboys are already having deal problems with their top players and Lee might be cut off from the team as a solution.

Josh Norman, Washington Redskins

NFL Rumors Team Leaving Cut Deals Josh Norman

Josh Norman is both 31 years old and owes $14.3 million salary for the NFL 2019 season. Add to the fact that Norman is not performing as per the mark and was targeted 73 times in the last season with the Redskins. The team have no second thought on cutting veteran players and are already planning to revamp their roster. Norman could be the first player that has to move out of the team as Trent Williams is holding out his deal.