Raiders vs. Rams NFL game has not even started yet and it is already making headlines. Los Angeles Rams have traveled to Napa, California for their preseason game against the Oakland Raiders. Before the actual match on Saturday night, both the teams fought against each other in joint practice games.

As expected, a fight broke out and it was hard to control the players. The whole issue got more dramatic as HBO is covering the Raiders team for their series called Hard Knocks. There were cameras all around even in the practice sessions and the whole witnessed the fight between Raiders and Rams. As per the NFL rumors, there are high chances that the Raiders vs. Rams game can result in a Brawl.

Fight at the Practice Matches

Raiders vs. Rams Practice Fights

During their second practice game, the Raiders offense got into an argument with the Rams defense. It took no time for the words to turn into punches and very soon everyone joined the fight. There was some light pushing and shoving, but luckily no one was hurt on a serious note.

Rams coach Sean McVay rushed to the ground to break-off the fight and it was solved before he reached. The good part was that despite the fights, the players quickly got together and continued the practice session further. Raiders and Rams are both happy with their practice performance and look forward to the game on Saturday night.

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Raiders vs. Rams to get Intense

Raiders vs. Rams Intense Game

NFL games always get pretty intense and there are high chances that the same can happen with Raiders vs. Rams match. There is always a physical and vocal exchange between the players to tempt them into making a mistake.

As soon a fight breaks out between any two players, their teammates also rush and defend their friends. With most of the young players like Josh Jacobs and Blake Bortles on the ground, it can get heated pretty soon. Raiders vs. Rams can result in an all-out brawl fight between the two rosters.