NFL Hard Knocks HBO Raiders Antonio Brown Jon Gruden Josh Jacobs Hunter Renfrow

NFL Hard Knocks on HBO features some of the most interesting stories from the US football sports world. It is speculated that Oakland Raiders will be the team featured in the next series and it has made everyone excited. Game of Thrones Season 8 was a disappointment, but the same won’t happen with Hard Knocks featuring Raiders.

Here are the possible Raiders stories with Antonio Brown, Jon Gruden, Josh Jacobs and Hunter Renfrow on the next HBO Hard Knocks.

Antonio Brown

NFL Hard Knocks HBO Antonio BrownAntonio Brown has worn black several times, but it was not black and silver of Oakland Raiders. He has been a seven-time Pro Bowl wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers wearing black and golden. It is time for Brown to be a Raiders and show the Steelers what are they missing without him. Hard Knocks on HBO will show his catches in practice, and him dancing around after leaving Pittsburgh.

Jon Gruden

NFL Hard Knocks HBO Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden is once again being the main handler for the Oakland Raiders and it is time to show his management abilities. Chucky has grown into an old sheriff and it is his turn to bring the Raiders boys together. Hard Knocks will probably Gruden shouting on the young players from the sidelines and getting on their faces in the HBO show.

Josh Jacobs

NFL Hard Knocks HBO Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs was the rookie that the Oakland Raiders signed in the last season but he hasn’t done much till now. Raiders will use Jacobs in the upcoming NFL games as the first-round running back and it may change things a bit. The HBO show will probably feature his life growing in Oakland, running to Alabama and then trying to work as an NFL player.

Hunter Renfrow

NFL Hard Knocks HBO Hunter Renfrow

Hunter Renfrow has been a great addition to the Raiders in the fifth round pick from the team of Clemson Tigers. The 23-year-old footballer has been part of the two-time champion team at such an early stage. There will be some jokes on the hairstyle of Hunter and him catching and practicing around for the Raiders squad on HBO Hard Knocks.