New Orleans Saints have a quarterback problem as Drew Brees was badly injured in the Week 2 game against the Los Angeles Rams. The Saints now need a starting quarterback and one name that always comes up every time quarterback is mentioned is Colin Kaepernick.

Despite his political opinions and controversies of NFL blackballing him, Kaepernick is the best when it comes for the job. The Saints could explore some other options but none of them would work out as desired. Brees has an injury in hand and the Saints would be giving a thought to signing Kaepernick as the starting QB replacement.

Colin Kaepernick is Ready for Comeback

Colin Kaepernick is Ready for Comeback

Colin Kaepernick has been an amazing quarterback who last played in 2016 and was then removed for kneeling during the national anthem. NFL teams should not involve that much in politics and look at a player for his talent and scoring ability.

When Kaepernick played in 2016, he rushed for 2,241 yards, made 16 touchdowns and four interceptions. Along with that, he has been training hard since the past few years even though he was not playing for any NFL team. Kapernick is in great shape and full of energy, and his agents have even contacted the Saints asking for a new trade deal.

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Other Replacements for Drew Brees

Replacement for Drew Brees

The Saints currently have Teddy Bridgewater as their backup quarterback and would let him open the next game against the Seahawks. But he doesn’t have much experience, in the past three seasons, he just had 55 passes, 283 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions.

Taysom Hill is another name the Saints could give a chance. Hill has played in New Orleans at various positions including tight end and it is not sure how would he performs. Colin Kaepernick is far better than any of the names the Saints have and they should replace Drew Brees with him immediately.

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