NFL Colin Kaepernick Colts Andrew Luck Retirement

Indianapolis Colts have the opening quarterback trouble ever since Andrew Luck announced his retirement. The Colts have been looking for possible replacements ever since Luck took his final decision. While there several options such as Jacoby Brissett, Chad Kelly and Phillip Walkers in the Colts team itself, none of them are good enough.

Most of the NFL fans on the internet and sports analysts believe that the Colts should hire Colin Kaepernick for the job. The former NFL quarterback is out of the game since his social injustice and protests controversy. Kaepernick has expressed several times that he wants to return to NFL and the Colts should make it possible.

Fans wants Kaepernick to replace Luck

Andrew Luck Replacement

Kaepernick is kind of a tragic player who despite his talents was moved out of NFL because of non-sports related issues. Politics, racial injustice and social indiscrimination are all the hindrances that have prevented Kaepernick from getting an NFL deal. Most of the people support Colin and wants to see him play in any of the NFL teams very soon.

It is why they took the whole thing to Twitter and asked the Colts side to replace Andrew Luck with Kapernick. Even Eric Reid who currently plays for the Panthers suggested Kaepernick’s name to replace the quarterback Cam Newton. Reid and Kaepernick are good friends since there 49ers day and also together in the lawsuit against the NFL rules.

Kaepernick wants to be back in NFLColin Kaepernick in NFL

Colin Kaepernick has made it clear that he wants to return back to the NFL and is interested in playing the football game. He has also shared his various working out videos on social media suggesting that he is in game shape and ready to make a comeback.

It is not sure whether the Colts or Panthers will make him an offer but he is preparing from his side. There are many rumors which state that his former team San Francisco 49ers might offer him a deal soon.