NFL Miami Dolphins trade deal Laremy Tunsil Jadeveon Clowny

Miami Dolphins were looking at potential trade deal for Laremy Tunsil and it looks like it won’t happy anymore. The 25-year-old offensive lineman is a favorite in Dolphins and they don’t want to play without him. As per the latest rumors, every Dolphins team member has warned the officials to not trade Tunsil from the team.

While the Dolphins were in talks with Jadeveon Clowney from Houston Texans, the deal might not move forward. The reason is simply that the team members of Miami are fed up with the constantly changing team dynamics and wants a simple and stable roster.

Exchange deal for Tunsil and Clowney

NFL Miami Dolphins trade Laremy Tunsil Jadeveon Clowny Exchange deal

Houston Texans tried their best to convince Clowney to stay but he sat on a holdout and refused to attend the training camp. When nothing seems to work, the Texans started looking at his potential replacements. Laremy Tunsil was one of the top names in their list and they were prepping for a deal.

The Texans were planning to offer Clowney and the future first-round picks in exchange for Tunsil. A deal was almost made until the Dolphins team members started rioting and it put a hold on the whole thing.

Dolphins Players wants a Stable Team

Dolphins wants stable team

Miami Dolphins is tagged as the worst team of NFL for the last few seasons and there is no improvement. The team management is almost useless as they always trade out decent player for rookies and rebuilding the team. Laremy Tunsil was a gem of a player with a good average and the Dolphins are planning to trade him out.

The Dolphins doesn’t have any playoffs chances and hence they don’t want to pay the $12.5 million salary to Tunsil. The team members of Dolphins are fed up with the business policies and have united to take a stand against the Tunsil trade deal.