Melvin Gordon has finally decided to end his holdout and the Los Angeles Chargers will gladly accept him back. The running back missed the first third games for the Chargers and they lost two out of them. It is why the Chargers were trying hard to get him back or they could be out from the 2019 NFL season playoff race.

Gordon was also forced to make a decision soon as missing the October deadline would have resulted in him in losing all his money. The Chargers are right now taking things slow where Gordon will report to the LA camp but won’t be playing in the Week 4 game against the Dolphins. Also, there are high chances that Melvin Gordon will be leaving the Chargers team in the next NFL season and the current deal will be just a temporary one.

Gordon and Chargers needs Each Other

Chargers and Melvin Gordon needs each other

Los Angeles Chargers thought they could replace Melvin Gordon for the NFL 2019 season with backup running backs and it would work out great. Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson did a great job in the season opener against the Indianapolis Colts but it was just a one-time thing.

The Colts were adjusting with their new stater quarterback Jacoby Brissett and hence lost the game. Ekeler was still doing well in the next two games for the Chargers, but he was nowhere close to Melvin Gordon. It leads to the Chargers losing against the Texans and Lions in the rest of the two games. Even Gordon couldn’t manage to get new trade deals from the other NFL teams, which also pressured him to end his holdout.

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Temporary Deal for Melvin Gordon

Temporary Deal for Melvin Gordon

Melvin Gordon has been fined a big amount to miss the 2019 season games with the Chargers and it is close to around $1.2 million. It means that the Chargers running back will only get something near $4.6 million of his base salary.

Although, Gordon will become a free agent after the 2019 NFL season gets over and hence he just wanted the worth of his money before moving on to some other team.